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Group Counseling
A comprehensive group counseling program for both residential and nonresidential clients allows women to share and compare their experiences, to practice new relationship skills, to discuss concerns for their families, and to encourage each other in planning for the future.

Support Group
Support Group allows survivors of domestic violence to share experiences and offer support and encouragement to women in similar situations. Support groups work to dispel myths associated with abuse and to affirm each woman's positive image.

Parenting Group
Parenting Group encourages a positive, supportive approach to parent-child relationships. Skills for successful, non-confrontational, nurturing child rearing are taught.

Tenant Meeting

Tenant Meeting provides a forum for emergency shelter residents to resolve conflicts that may arise in a group living setting and to discuss house policies and responsibilities.  A similar meeting is held for the tenants of A Safe Place's transitional living building.

Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting focuses on emergency shelter residents' daily plans and achievements - such as acquiring housing or legal assistance. Long-term goals become more realistic when the significance of each day's successes is recognized.

Satellite Support Groups
Satellite Support Groups offer weekly group support to survivors of domestic violence throughout A Safe Place's service area in Lake, McHenry, and northern Cook counties. Groups currently meet in Mundelein, Waukegan, and Zion providing supportive and constructive counseling throughout the county for those not in need of emergency shelter. Age-appropriate children's activities are held at the same time.

Latina Support Groups
Latina Support Groups allows Latina women an opportunity to share their feelings and experiences of domestic abuse in their native language, with sensitivity to cultural issues unique to their own community. Groups currently meet in Mundelein and Waukegan for Latina women who are not in need of emergency shelter. Age-appropriate children's activities are held at the same time.

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